2015/16 NPTFC Coats

Message from Pete Keen regarding NPTFC branded coats:

5th January 2016

I have been in discussions with MDH with regards to the supply of branded coats for staff and supporters of Newport Pagnell Town Football Club.

The total cost is as per the table on the website (follow link below) with a further £3.00 to be added for the embroidery of the badge.

It must be stressed that the M, L, XL etc are not to be used, please concentrate on chest size.

To ensure that we are not left out of pocket, a non-refundable deposit of £20 is to be paid, prior to any order being placed.

The lead time is approximately 2 weeks from order, as it says on the website there are limited numbers so we really need to get an order placed in the next couple of weeks.



Peter Keen

Anyone interested in placing an order or would like to discuss further details should contact Pete:

via Email: peterkeen11@hotmail.co.uk

via Twitter: @Pedageo




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